Saturday, 27 September 2014

Baby manual?... I wish!

So my mam always says... 'A baby doesn't come with a manual!' I hope to help some mam's and dad's out there by writing about my experiences.

I'm a mam of 2 (a 4 year old, going on 40 year old girl and 6 week old boy).

The reason I am starting this blog is, I feel there is a lack of realistic support out there for new parents. For example, one thing I found very difficult, was when it came to feeding my babies, nobody could tell me what brands and products to use for different concerns. I spent most of my days (like most parents) on google trying to find answers to help my LO.

After having a c section, I found my time in hospital quite challenging. It was a challenge to sit up never mind trying to attend to a crying baby. I wanted nothing more to get home, as I was sleep deprived and needed my own bed, not to mention my own shower with all my own bits and bobs around me. I was feeling sore and my LO was being fed every 3 hrs (formula fed). I thought once I got home and had a good night's sleep that everything would be grand and I could start to get on with things..
They say you forget after your first, and I did! This was my second c section and I couldn't remember any pain, never mind the hormone surge and dealing with a new born. It was HARD!!